Apple iPhone X review

Posted by By Scott Stein Reviewed: November 14, 2017 on Nov 20th 2017

The Good A great blend of handheld comfort and a big, gorgeous OLED screen. Rear telephoto camera outshoots the 8 Plus in low light, and the front camera snaps impressive portrait selfies. Face ID generally works fine.The Bad New interface and no home button mean major adjustments, and key features such as the Control Center are harder to reach and use. It’ll take time for most apps to be optimized for notched screen. The phone is hella expensive, and the all-glass design means a case and an ins
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How to replace the hard drive on a laptop/notebook?

Posted by on Nov 20th 2017

Hard drive is functioning computer hardware for data storage media. Hard drive is also a place to put the computer's operating system. Harddisk is very vital function in the use of computers. Without the hard drive, the computer can not be used. Capacity hard disk capacity to store the data on constantly increasing. Currently, most of the operating system and the data have been using graphical display with high resolution. Video, music, and images into data and entertainment wajid owned and sto
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